AgroProduct, a well-established company known for producing a variety of products, including the popular “ketili da Patiosani” drinking fruits, is preparing to launch a new production line focusing on sauces. The upcoming product line, named “Poporeli,” aims to cater to the global demand for various types of sauces, including red pepper sauce and more, as mentioned by Soso Manjavidze, the managing partner, in an interview with “Business Morning.”

To accommodate the production of the “Poporeli” line, the company will utilize its existing production capacities but acknowledges the need for additional resources. Soso Manjavidze confidently highlighted the scarcity of Georgian socialist production and hinted at the possibility of expanding their range of purees, leveraging their impressive assortment of about 22 puree devices.

“It is an interesting product for export. There was a great response to this initiative, there were people interested from Europe and America,” Soso Manjavidze says.

The introduction of the “Poporeli” line has garnered significant interest, with enthusiastic responses from Europe and America, making it a promising product for export. The company plans to commence production by manufacturing one million bottles per year initially. As sales in retail chains grow, the production volume is expected to increase accordingly.

While discussing their production strategy, AgroProduct emphasizes incorporating local farming characteristics into their new products. Although they do not currently own their own plots, they aspire to achieve a 70% self-production plan.

By Mariam Gorkhelashvili