Flavorsome Georgian sauces and dips

Flavors should sing!

Poporeli (Megrelian word) – fresh, blooming, blowing, bursting. Sauce ingredients are pictured in the flowering period. Recently explored traditional recipes are utilized with a modern interpretation. Georgia is a country with an ancient culture, and many things are still unknown even to Georgians. That’s why the Georgian AgroProduct company, conducted an expedition throughout Georgia to create the brand Poporeli. The aim was to discover the forgotten recipes of sauces from old grandmothers that could revive the forgotten flavors. During the expedition, we collected and recorded the recipes, which were an important discovery. The expedition confirmed that Georgian sauces and dressings are a part of Georgian culinary culture of special importance. This is what drives us – “Poporeli” is a harmony of flavors! it’s a collection of flavorsome Georgian sauces and dips, that can sweeten and harmoniously sing the flavors just like it is in a Georgian polyphonic song, and turn an ordinary, seemingly unremarkable food into an extraordinary, harmonious dish. according to these recipes, with which people will decorate and adorn dishes every day.

Poporeli is prepared from Georgian fruits and vegetables with the addition of traditional Georgian spices and herbs.

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