Our company Georgian AgroProduct was established in 2013 and started operating as a fruit processing enterprise in the village of Chumlaki, Gurjaani district.

During this period, in close cooperation with more than 500 local farmers, we have delivered the best quality products to up to ten of the largest supermarket chains in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

We take special care and responsibility in the process of fruit selection in order to maintain the highest quality and meet customer requirements, thus establishing ourselves as one of the leading exporters of Georgian fruits and vegetables.

Our mission is to promote fruit production, processing and export of products in Georgia.

To fulfill this mission, in 2017 the company started producing fruit and vegetable purees and pulp juices.

Since 2020, under a brand KIND&NOBLE , we are already selling оур unique drink of six different mixes – drinkable fruits and vegetables.


The main activity of our company is the processing of Georgian fruits and vegetables (calibration-storage-storage in a refrigerated building) and the production and export of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as unique natural drinks from them.

For these purposes, the company has set up a modern processing plant on 2.5 ha of its own territory, which includes a 430 m2 consolidation center, a 350 ton capacity refrigeration plant and a modern processing line.

Sorting to protect our selected products from damage is done through modern, Italian UNITEC calibration and sorting equipment

In our factory, fruits and vegetables are stored in a warehouse refrigerator, which meets all standards and provides long-term storage conditions for products.

Our company has gained the status of a supplier of high quality fruits and vegetables in the export market.

The puree is produced by the puree production line of the Italian company TECMON.


Company is certified under ISO 22000:2018 which certifies that our safety management system provides the production of harmless products for life and health.