About Us

In 2013, a group of like-minded people became interested in agribusiness. We founded enterprise in the village of Chumlaki, Gujaan district, Georgia and began exporting fruits and vegetables to different countries. Later, it was decided to produce various fruit purees and juices. With the support of the USAID’s REAP project and Agricultural Projects Management Agency, we have built a modern, vertically integrated agricultural complex - with ambitious and long-term plans.

LLC Georgian Agroproduct

The AgroProduct team has started the business in the village of Chumlaki, Gurjaani district, Georgia in 2013. Since then, the company exports Georgian fruits to various countries worldwide. For the first time in the field's history, Georgian products were exported to the high quality standards-compliant chains, and they successfully competed with the traditional fruit-producing countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece.

“Georgian Fruit Company“

The company was founded in 2013. Since then, we have established business relationships with the largest trading companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt. Our mission is to encourage fruit production and processing in Georgia and their subsequent export. Product selection and its preparation includes finding local farmers who produce the relevant product and contracting with them as well as harvesting, sorting, calibration and packaging the products.